Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the SmartRx Naloxone Education Course

    • Welcome to the SmartRx Naloxone Training

    • Informed Consent for Program Evaluation Research by University of Charleston

    • Demographic Survey

    • Pre-Program Survey

    • WV DII Common Frequently Asked Questions

  • 2

    SmartRx© Naloxone Training Videos

    • Naloxone Training Expectations

    • WV Department of Health and Human Services Naloxone Training by Charlee Fox

    • Naloxone Training Video by Dr. Lindsay Acree of the University of Charleston School of Pharmacy

    • American Medical Association's Video - How to use all three types of naloxone

  • 3

    Additional Naloxone Resources - Downloads

    • WV DHHR Opioid Related Resources

    • Safe Rx Disposal by Location

    • West Virginia Drug Intervention Institute Naloxone Administration Handout

    • WV DII's Highlights from the Access to Opioid Antagonist Act

  • 4

    Post-Program Survey and Program Evaluation

    • Post-Program Survey: Statement of Purpose

    • Post-Program Survey

    • Naloxone Course Evaluation: Statement of Purpose

    • Naloxone Course Evaluation

  • 5

    Request your FREE Naloxone Kit from the WV DII

    • Request Naloxone - Required Forms Included